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Les Hommes de Cardiff series

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Book 1 : MALLORY


 James had been warned.

 If he kept staining the noble image of his family with his sassy attitude, his parents were going to crack down. And here they are. Threatening to take his privileges back, from his brand new car to his chic loft in London to his 'pocket money'. Before taking action, they offer him one last chance : to settle down in a stable relationship. A relationship that will ease the tabloid press fond of the young lord's misconduct.
    Obviously, James will have none of it. He always hated being told what he could and couldn"t do. So he thought of the perfect plan : finding a boyfriend. No doubt his parents would not tolerate a gay relationship.
    In a week or two, the mascarade would be over and James would have won. What he hadn't expected was that by choosing Mallory, a witty young man, broke as a joke, he was going to find something far more valuable than his beautiful car and his fancy apartment...


Book 2 : DOMINIC

      Dominic Bellwether is a protector. No one bad-mouths his brothers and keeps all his teeth. It's the rule. He believes he can instill respect with his fists. He has calmed down a bit since Cami has arrived in his life. The adorable Australian Shepherd dog seams the only one who can melt his heart. In high school, Claire (his best friend who reads way too much yaoi) tries to find him a boyfriend even though he's not gay. What the heck ? He had always found this idea completely ridiculous, until their class welcomed a new student in the middle of a semester...
   Lukas Bishop is a quiet young man. Very good at mathematics and a huge Potterhead. He's been playing the piano for as long as he can remember and he's amazingly good at it. He would like to go professionnal. Well, that is if he lives long enough for it. His parents are beautiful, rich and agreeable. They looks perfect really. But are they ? There are things going on with the Bishops that no one would suspect. Lukas desperately needs to be saved.

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Book 3 : LIAM


   Liam Bellwether, 20, plays the role of father to his four brothers who stayed in Cardiff with him, in the shithole they call home. He wouldn't trade his place for anything because family is the most important thing in the world for him. Liam works in a convenience store while his brothers are at school. It has just changed owners, but he doesn't care a bit as long as he keeps his job.
    Damian Jensen, 34, is a lawyer mainly hired by the country's mobsters because it pays better. He can't stand growing old, and for him every birthday is a joyful time of depression that requires a lot of alcohol to be overcome. Every now and then he gets paid for his work in establishments and that's why he owns a strip club, a pub, a laundromat and now a convenience store. He has never set foot there before but he is about to find out that one of his employees will change his life forever.


Book 4 : DAMIAN

Cardiff is a big mess now.

Liam complicated Damian's job.

Dominic fears he might break his promise to Lukas.

Mallory blames himself for ruining James' life.


Traumatized by what happened in Cardiff, the Bellwethers try to keep their family together. Now out of prison, Callum seeks to contact his brothers, but the house is empty and his younger siblings are missing. Damian Jensen decides to take matters into his own hands. He will not tolerate any unpunished crime. Except that it is not justice that Liam asks for. It's revenge. Damian isn't exactly a saint, but there are limits he didn't think he'd cross.

How far will he go for love ?

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