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Les Hommes de Cardiff    spin-offs

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The love of the game

    Abel Markham and Alexander Glass were born on the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital.

  Their mothers quickly hit it off and their sons became inseparable. Ever since they were kids, Mark and Alec have dreamed of only one thing: playing rugby for the national team. They got their start in this sport together but when Mr Glass sent Alec to the other side of the planet, the boys sadly lose contact. Fortunately, fate won't let the story ends this way and a selection to the Welsh rugby team will bring them together again. The thing is, in the meantime, Alec realized that his feelings for Mark were more than friendship. ...

    Everyone believes Charly Wintersham saw his ultimate dream come true the day he became captain of the welsh rugby team. Which is wrong. Representing his country is certainly an honor, but it is not what he craves the most. It is not what has obsessed him for more than fifteen years.

       Ciarán O'Flahery has a busy life. Widowed, he takes care of Abigail, his three-year-old daughter, on his own. He was the head physiotherapist of Liverpool FC when he received a proposal he couldn't refuse : to assist the Welsh rugby team for the World Cup. But being around the new captain again is not easy. Especially since Charly takes pleasure in reminding him of his feelings. Feelings that he is forbidden to share because his late wife was none other than the big sister of Charly. Not to talk about his very obtuse Catholic family.

      Alas, Ciarán will soon learn that no one is ever really master of his own heart and that it is quite futile to fight against the call of happiness.

Changing lines

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